Gaming Art

Wondering how to make a game? Arena’s Game Art Program helps you learn the art fundamentals for games along with asset creation pipeline for designing game character concepts, creating game models (character, prop & environment) from those concepts, and for preparing game-ready models with textures. If game designing and development is your passion, then this Game Art program will help you to excel in the gaming industry!

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Game Art

Career Opportunities

  • Basic Shapes & Sketching Techniques
  • Anatomy Drawing
  • Lights, Color & Perspectives
  • Digital Painting
  • Character Design & Development
  • Principles of Animation
  • Career Opportunities

  • Overview & Interface of Unity Game Engine
  • Concept Design for Game Environment
  • Creating Game Environment
  • Creating Game Environment Textures

  • Career Opportunities

  • Game Prop Modeling
  • Game Prop Texturing
  • Game Character Sculpting
  • Retopologizing Game Characters
  • UV Mapping of Game Characters
  • Texturing of Game Characters

  • Career Opportunities

  • Game Character Rigging Fundamentals
  • Game Character Animation
  • Game Art Project Portfolio


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